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Solo Daycare

Not every dog is a social butterfly, and that's totally okay! With our solo daycare option we'll ensure your dog isn't off leash in the same area as any other dog.

If your dog doesn't enjoy playtime with other dogs, or you'd prefer for them not to interact with dogs for any reason at all, this option is the perfect choice.

Can reactive dogs attend daycare?

While dogs booked for solo daycare won't interact directly with other dogs, they will likely be able to see other dogs in adjacent areas. For this reason, daycare isn't a good option for dogs with reactivity.

We offer specialised training to help dogs overcome reactivity - contact us if you'd like to enquire on the options available.

Not sure if your dog needs solo daycare or not?

If you're not sure if your dog will enjoy group activities at daycare, we can discuss the options at your Free Tour & Assessment appointment. Our staff are highly skilled at reading dog body language and managing play, and always carefully monitor the dogs in group situations. If any dog isn't having a fun and beneficial experience, we'll move them to a different group or swap them to solo activities for the rest of the day.


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$100 total

(including full day of daycare)

To book this service, click the link below and select "Full Day - Solo Daycare" from the list.

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