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Force Free Nail Trim

Our positive nail trim service is perfect for creating great associations with nail care for young puppies, or for helping older dogs who are nervous about having their nails clipped.

How do force free nail trims work?

Force free husbandry, or co-operative care, means that we'll train your dog to be a voluntary participant in the nail trimming process, rather than restraining them. We approach nail trims as a fun game, rather than a scary procedure.

What methods & tools will be used?

We have a variety of nail trimming methods and tools that we may use with your dog, depending on which they're the most comfortable with. These include nail clippers, a dremel nail grinder, a file or a sandpaper scratch board.

What if my dog is extremely fearful of nail trims?

If your dog is very fearful of feet handing or nail trims, we may not be able to complete the process in a single session. Our guarantee to you is that we will never push your dog beyond their comfort zone. We understand that going slow and creating a good association for your dog is more efficient than forcing things and making future nail trims more difficult.


(add on for Full or Half Day daycare)

To book this service, first enrol your dog for daycare on your desired date, then select "Daycare Add Ons" and choose Force Free Nail Trim from the list.


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