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Day Training - Trainer's Choice

If you've got a clever dog who needs a job, or you'd like to improve your dog's trainability, add enrichment training to your dog's day at daycare. Our trainers will choose a fun trick or useful behaviour, and work one on one with your dog throughout their stay with us.

What sort of behaviours will be taught?

Our trainers will choose a behaviour designed to improve your dog's ability to learn and train. Examples include a chin rest for co-operative care, back foot targeting or pivoting for body awareness, shaping a simple trick for problem solving skills and so on.

What training methods will be used?

We will use only reward based training methods with your dog, setting them up for success and teaching replacement behaviours for any undesirable habits. We will never use any training methods based on fear, pain or intimidation.

Can I choose which behaviour will be taught?

You're welcome to make suggestions on the type of skill you'd like us to focus on, or let us know if there's a behaviour you want us to avoid. If you have a specific behaviour you'd like us to train for you, check out our Owner's Choice Day School option.


(add on for Full or Half Day daycare)

To book this service, first enrol your dog for daycare on your desired date, then select "Daycare Add Ons" and choose Enrichment Training (Trainer's Choice) from the list.


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