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Day Training - Owner's Choice

Let our experienced trainers train your dog for you during their stay! With day training you can choose a specific behaviour, like walking nicely on leash, coming when called or settling around distractions, and we'll work with them one on one to improve their skills in that area.

How much training will my dog receive?

As a day training student, your dog will receive a minimum of four training sessions with a trainer over the course of their day with us. We'll set up a plan that will work best for your dog, with shorter but more frequent sessions for young dogs or dogs new to training.

What training methods will be used?

We will use only reward based training methods with your dog, setting them up for success and teaching replacement behaviours for any undesirable habits. We will never use any training methods based on fear, pain or intimidation.

How can I track my dog's progress?

Our trainers will take video of your dog's training sessions, so that you can check in on how they're doing. We'll also provide you with written homework sheets, so that you can continue the training at home as well.


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$100 total

(including full day of daycare)

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