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Luxury, Enrichment & Fun

Every aspect of our doggy daycare facility has been carefully designed to create a one of a kind experience for your pup.

The Play Zone

Our play enclosure has movable fences that allow us to customise the space to suit all the dogs in our care. Not all dogs are destined to be the best of friends, and dividing the play area into different sections allows us to create small groups of dogs with similar energy, size and play styles.

The play zone has a non-slip rubber floor to ensure the dogs have good traction, and avoid injuries caused by running or playing on slippery surfaces.

The Classroom

This multipurpose room is away from the hustle and bustle of the main daycare area, and makes for the perfect place to focus on learning.

This is where our trainers work one on one with the dogs on their individual training exercises, and is also a great place for dogs who aren't as social to stretch their legs and play some games with our trainers.

The Retreat

Rest and relaxation are just as important to a dog's well-being as exercise and fun! Calming music, comfy beds, relaxing pheromone diffusers and a collection of soothing enrichment activities mean that your dog will enjoy their downtime in our Retreat rooms just as much as playtime.

The Retreat is monitored by video cameras so that we can keep an eye on your pup without disturbing their rest.

The Enrichment Garden

The outdoor enrichment garden is a wonderland of experiences for your dog to enjoy. The perfect place for some slower paced entertainment, the garden promotes exploration and curiosity, and is a great opportunity for your dog to unwind.

The garden is also a fantastic place for socialising young puppies to a variety of new experiences, as well as an excellent space to help shy dogs build confidence.

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